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Copper Creek Contractors general roofing contractor in Champaign, Illinois

Roofing General Contractor

Roofing General Contractor in Champaign, Illinois

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On Time

Do you Need a Roofing Contractor?

When it comes to larger projects, you want a contractor who can handle every element of the roofing process, from estimating and planning the project to ordering the materials and managing the installation. We have extensive experience with every element of the roofing the siding process and work well with commercial developers, condo associations, and other multi-unit businesses and organizations that require expert help in getting their roofing projects completed. You can trust us to manage the project from beginning to end.


Our team of professional installers is focused on providing quality workmanship on each of our projects. We have onsite management to ensure that the process runs smoothly and all elements are completed at the high level of quality we pride ourselves on.


Because we have worked on large projects many times, we understand how to manage the project and process and achieve our stated benchmarks and deadlines.

Copper Creek Contractors solar roofing in Champaign, Illinois


Lower & Locked in Utility Bill, $0 Down,
Federal Tax Credit & State Rebate,
Increased Home Value, + 25 Year Warranty

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