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Insurance Advocate

After the roof of your home has been damaged you want fast, reliable service to get it repaired as quickly as possible. What you don’t want is a runaround from the insurance company. If you choose Copper Creek Contractors to repair the roof of your home, you’re not only getting the best quality repair, workmanship, and materials; you are also getting an advocate in dealing with your insurance company.

Most homeowners have had to deal with insurance in one form or another since purchasing their homes, and usually those experiences result in the insurance company looking for reasons they shouldn’t have to pay out for damage to the home. This can lead to frustration, added hassle, and even giving up entirely just to avoid dealing with them anymore! We think it should be better, and that’s why we are always willing to step up and help you negotiate with your insurance carrier to make sure you get paid what you deserve.

Our owner, Jeremy Janes, has dealt with insurance companies regarding roofing repairs and payouts ever since opening our doors. After learning a few tricks of the trade and years of valuable insight into the process, he is ready to stand with you and make sure you get paid!

When you need your roof repaired, don’t just go with any contractor, go with Copper Creek Contractors and know that you have someone in your corner to help with the insurance companies.

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