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Choosing a Trustworthy Roofer in Champaign, Illinois

Tips to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Home

When a storm hits and you need your roof repaired, it is important to find the right company. Your roof is a big part of the health and curb appeal of your home and you want to ‌hire someone who provides quality products and craftsmanship. The following are just some ‌factors to consider when choosing a roofer in Champaign.

Get a Referral

See if you can find anyone who has used a reputable company in the past in your neighborhood or at your workplace. If you see new roofs being installed on well-kept homes, ask your neighbors who did the work and whether they were satisfied.

You can get honest feedback from personal contacts, and testimonials offer a true picture of the ‌experience you may have with a company. Besides your immediate circle, lumberyards and hardware stores can also provide ways to obtain lead for potential roofers.

Meet the Contractors in Person

The first thing you should do is invite the roofing contractors who you have come to your house and evaluate the task once you have narrowed the field. When speaking about roofing materials and the work done on the roof, you should also inquire about the time and labor that will be required to complete the work.

Ensure that the contractor shows energy, answers all your questions, and is professional at all times. While you may work with a roofing authority, do not let that stop you from having a say in the decision-making process! Ensure that you research the local laws for roofing contractors, and find and read online reviews.

Check out the Roofer's License and Proof of Insurance

Ask for proof of the contractor's license, insurance, and certificates of completion. Check that they are current. Ask for a copy of the company's current insurance policy. The contractor should carry both comprehensive general liability coverage and workers' compensation insurance, with limits at least equal to your state requirements.

You should also ‌make sure they are certified through the National Roofing Contractors Association. Getting a certification requires going through a safety course, which ensures that they know how to properly and safely install a roof on your home. This shows that they are aware of what they’re doing and take their job seriously. If you want to ensure that the roofing company has done a background check on all the workers who enter your home, make sure you ask them.

Call Their References

It would be wise for any homeowner working with roofing contractors to ask for references and check them out before making an agreement with them on paper. You want to make sure they have the right experience you need for your roof project.

Many roofers can repair and install asphalt shingles, but fewer can work with natural slate, cedar shake, or clay tiles. Installing premium roofing requires specific skills and training for each type of material. Ensure that your contractor has done that work successfully on other homes or businesses.

Also, keep in mind that no matter what type of contractor you're dealing with, there should never be needlessly high upfront costs like deposits or fees paid out without doing some research about their business practices first.

Get Multiple Estimates

Whether you're building a new roof or replacing an old one, you'll want to get at least three estimates. Make sure each estimate includes the same set of information, such as:

● A list of materials and the cost of each material

● Labor costs

● How long it will take the job to be done

Ask the contractors which roofs they have worked on in your area. This will tell you whether they have experience with your roofing material. If a contractor offers a price that differs greatly from those offered by other contractors, find out why before deciding.

Don't Agree to Anything You're Unsure About

If a bid from a roofing contractor sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You should never feel uncomfortable or unsure about your roofing experience when speaking with a potential roofing contractor. A roofer's door-to-door bids can be predatory in neighborhoods that storms or high winds have affected. We strongly suggest hiring a local contractor for your roofing needs. What happens if you hire someone transient and then there's an issue later? When you hire a roofer who is based in central Illinois, they are more likely to be around down the road if you need them.

Trust Your Instincts When Choosing a Roofer

Finding a good company to do your roofing is important in order to avoid scams and work that is not done well. This is your home, and you need to feel comfortable with the work that will be done. Your roofer should be transparent about costs, the process, and the timeline. You should know exactly what you are getting and what the finished product/cleanup should look like. You want someone who is responsive and returns your calls, emails, or texts and is available to answer questions. And once again, we strongly recommend you choose a roofer who is based out of central Illinois. Your roof is a major investment and should be treated as such by a quality roofing contractor.

If you experience storm damage or are ready to replace your roof, we would love to work with you. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to speak with one of our staff.


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