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7 Reasons Why Roof Inspections are Important

Roofs are an integral and often one-time investment that protects your house and/or commercial establishments. But, over time, the roof can get damaged. Most people however, do not take any action until there is a serious problem. This is a dangerous gamble, as even seemingly minor issues may develop into big ones over time, costing you more time and money.

Regular roof inspections are one way to avoid this from happening. Below, we have listed the top seven reasons roof inspections are essential for your home or commercial property.

  1. Catch problems early- Harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds and storms, can negatively affect your roof. After these events, you must conduct a roof inspection to determine the potential problems before they worsen. It will also help you look for missing or damaged tiles or granules in the rain gutter. However, remember that standing on the roof to access the swamp cooler or air conditioning can further damage your roofing material.

  2. Lower repair costs- It is rightly said- "A tile in time saves nine". It means if you spot the problems early and get them repaired, you will minimize the damage and repair costs. A regular roof inspection will help you catch issues like clogged drains, separations in flashing, or pooling water.

  3. Extended life expectancy- Regular roof inspections will help keep your roof in excellent condition so that it lasts for a long time. You must get your residential roof professionally inspected once every two-three years. On the other hand, commercial roofs demand inspection twice every year.

  4. Cost-efficiency- If you do not want to spend money cooling or heating the great outdoors, conduct regular roof inspections to find the damages that result in inefficient temperature control for your building. It will help you save money on repairs and energy bills.

  5. Safety- Roof leaks can damage the entire structure of your home. Regular inspections will help you catch these leaks and protect the property. Moreover, leaks may also result in mold, which might affect your health.

  6. Proper drainage- Smooth drainage is essential for excellent roof performance. A water-logged roof can result in leaks and moisture penetration. Regular roof inspection and cleaning will help remove trash, debris, and leaves that may be clogging the roof drains. It will also help you understand the problems with your roof and if any repairs are necessary.

  7. Warranty repairs- Some roof repairs may fall under your roof warranty. Therefore, you must conduct a professional roof inspection and decide whether to file a warranty claim. If you file the claim, the contractor will inspect your roof to determine whether the warranty will cover the repairs. However, make sure you keep all the required documents ready and file the claim on time.

About Copper Creek Contractors

A roof inspection will help you repair all the damages on time, preventing them from escalating further. At Copper Creek Contractors, we offer professional roof inspection and roof flashing repair services at ethical prices. Our clients trust us for our elite roofing services and long-term support for your property. For more information, contact us at (217)-246-4475, write at or fill out our contact form.

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